Louet's 50th Anniversary Specials - and see Louet at Convergence!

Louet's 50th Anniversary Specials - and see Louet at Convergence!

Louet is celebrating their 50th Anniversary.  Effective immediately, the following sales will take effect. Sale expires 1 Dec 2024.   

Also, if you want to try out any of Louet's looms, wheels, or carders, LoftyFiber is partnering with Louet at the HGA Convergence in Wichita .  Louet will be with us to help answer any questions you may have.

  • A free single row mini comb with every drum carder – junior, standard XL or electric
  • A free pair of handcards with every S10 or Victoria spinning wheel.
  • A free FD mini shuttle with the purchase of every Warping mill, bobbin rack, warp tension regulator and Jane loom (orders in March will receive original FD shuttle until mini is available).
  • A free bench with every David, Spring, Megado, and Delta loom (bench type appropriate for the loom  
  • 25% off all Magic and Octado looms that are ordered with an electronic Dobby (25% off loom and E. dobby) We have a limited number of E. dobby's for both the Magic and Octado and when they are sold out, these looms will be discontinued. We have plans for replacements in 2025 and 2026.
  • 10% off Megado dobby 2.0 for any trade in of an older model Megado dobby.
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