A Runner Fit for a Royal Wedding!

A Runner Fit for a Royal Wedding!

Meet Sarah!  We are so lucky to have Sarah as a part of our LoftyFiber community. 

Read her inspiring story below – how many brides weave a 25 foot Linen Runner for their wedding? 😊

When envisioning my wedding, I knew I wanted to integrate my passion for fiber arts into the celebration. It's a deeply cherished part of who I am, deserving of a prominent place on this special day. The inspiration for the day struck from an old photo my mother and I stumbled upon in an antique shop magazine—a lavish dinner tableau with mismatched China, elegant candelabras, and a pristine white linen runner anchoring the scene. That image sparked the idea for my own creation. However, I did not anticipate the project I was getting into.

For the day in question, I dreamed of an intimate family dinner, but as weddings tend to go, the guest list expanded, transforming our gathering into the event of the season. Nevertheless, I remained steadfast in my vision of a familial feast. Instead of conventional round tables, we opted for long tables beneath a billowing sailcloth tent on our farm. Wine, bread, and salad were served family-style, fostering an atmosphere of warmth and togetherness. The wedding party's table, a grander replica of the others, symbolized our roles as king and queen of the day, adorned with towering candles, lush flowers, and the pièce de résistance: the table runner.

For the runner, I sought simplicity with elegance—a nod to our farm setting rather than a royal palace. Exploring various weaving techniques, I found inspiration in a 2003 issue of Handwoven, which showcased a blend of Bronson, Huck, Swedish, Leno, and Felted Lace weaves in white-on-white. Combining this with elements from the 'Prim Rose Table Runner' by Norma Smayda and Ann Rudman in the November/December 2017 issue, I envisioned a masterpiece that would subtly catch the candlelight, revealing its intricate design. Opting for 30/2 Euroflax in Cream for the warp and background, and 14/2 Euroflax in Cream for the pattern weft, I aimed to capture the sheen of linen for the desired effect.

As the wedding day approached, the runner, spanning over 25 feet, became a labor of love and dedication. Amidst the whirlwind of planning and preparation, its creation became a testament to our commitment to one another. To Finish, I did a simple cold-water wash and steam to remove wrinkles yet maintain the luster of the linen. Admittedly, the thought of intricate finishing seemed an insurmountable task at that point and unlike some of my other projects, the goal of perfection seemed less important than the impending nuptials.

Now that this day has passed, what is one to do with such a runner? Ultimately, I decided to repurpose it into four smaller runners, each dyed to commemorate our joyous day in a more practical yet equally beautiful manner.

I hope this project inspires others to create designs of their own. I invite you to explore the pages of old weaving books and experiment with new techniques and materials. Seek inspiration from the world around you, and let your passion guide your creations. 

With love,



Sarah Beveridge lives in Clarks Hill, SC, alongside her newlywed husband Tanner, on their farm where they raise chickens, horses, ducks, geese, and their cats and dogs. When Sarah is not weaving or being a farmer, she works from the comfort of her barn as a project manager for a biomedical research software company based out of Germany. She certainly wears a lot of hats! 

 Her weaving adventure began in 2015 at Berry College, where she was a weaver for the Viking Creations weaving studio. She went on to be an artist-in-residence at Nezinscot Farm in Turner, Maine, where she expanded her weaving knowledge as well as took up spinning and knitting, and tending sheep.

You can Sarah on Instagram as @SarahCrawfordTextiles, where she shares a glimpse of her fiber arts journey.





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