Jaggerspun Zephyr 2/18 Lace - 50gm Skeins

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Zephyr Wool-Silk is truly a luxury yarn.  Light and lustrous, it is made from 50% fine Merino wool and 50% Chinese Tussah silk.  The yarn takes on a beautiful sheen.  This yarn is very popular with weavers, especially art weavers.  Hand knitters have also discovered this yarn for it's softness, sheen and drapiness.  

This product listing is for 50-gram skeins in 2/18 lace weight.  This yarn is also available in 100-gram cones and 1-lb cones, as well as listings for the worsted (medium) weight version of Zephyr. 

Lace Weight (5,040 yds/lb)  (Also known as fingering weight, symbol "0")

50 Gram Hanks- approximately 560 yards.

Knitting Gauge   -varies, lace is often knitted on needles from US 1 to US 4.  Stockinette stitch can be knitted on sizes 000-1 for 33 to 40 sts per inch.  Can be used held 3 strands together for the equivalent of a sport weight yarn.

Weaving Sett - Plain Weave sett 18-20 epi; twill 22-28

Washing Instructions: Handwash with a mild soap or detergent such as Soak. Gently squeeze and roll in towels and lay flat to dry. May be dry cleaned. 

We also provide this same yarn in 100-gram cones:

****Link to 100-gram cones ***

Note that it is recommended that wool-silk garments not be exposed to natural or artificial light for prolonged periods, as the dyes may not be as resistant to fading as 100% wool.


5040 yards per pound - Jaggerspun Zephyr