Flying Dutchman Shuttle - Louet

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Flying Dutchman" This shuttle, designed by Jan Louet has a few unique features. First, the metal wire bowed across the top of the shuttle, spreads apart sticky warp threads. Second, the plastic guide in the front allows for optimal unwinding of your bobbin. Shuttles are lacquered 34x6.8x4.8cm (13.5"x2.75"x2"), weight: 160 gr. (5.7 oz) made of laquered beech.

Included with each purchase is a 3-d printed Quill.   Our quills are slightly longer than the Louet Paper Quills and have a threaded end for an easy start to winding. 

Personal note - this has become my favorite shuttle for weaving any cloth between 12 and 30 inches wide.   In addition to helping with sticky warps it's also great for warps where the bottom threads aren't perfectly even. You do need to have a bobbin winder that will accept the narrow diameter of the paper quills or a double-ended electric winder.

Paperquills work in this shuttle (see related product) as well as the LoftyFiber 3-d printed Quills.