Durable 3-d Printed Quills

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These 3d printed quills are an alternative to the cardboard or paper quills.   Especially when using an electric double ended winder, cardboard quills can start to warp after a number of uses.  These 3d printed quills are much stronger and will not bend.  

We've designed a short section on one that has threading, similar to a screw, that makes it much easier to start winding by reducing slippage.  

Choose between 5" and 5.75" long quills.   I've found that although the Louet quills for the Flying Dutchman shuttle are 5" long, these shuttles easily accomodate the 5.75" quills, allowing more thread on the quill. 

The only disadvantage I've found to the 3d printed quills is that they are slightly noisier than the paper quills;  this rattle is similar to that you hear with bobbins in a boat shuttle.

These quills may be black or white.  If you have a preference, let us know.