Square Dance Runner - Handwoven March-April 2023

Square Dance Runner - Handwoven March-April 2023

Weave the lovely Square Dance Runner out of the March-April 2023 Handwoven magazine by Sarah Jackson!   This simple pattern is terrific for a first project using linen.  The Euroflax 14/2 linen for this is sett at 18 ends per inch. One 8-ounce cone of each color (shown in Navy and Marine Blue) is enough for the project with the 4-yard warp as described in the Handwoven magazine.  We plan to weave this in another two analogous colors.. hmmmm.  decisions decisions....

Here's the link for the yarn: https://loftyfiber.com/collections/euroflax-yarn-collection/products/euroflax-14-2-lace-weight-linen-cones

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