Getting Started with a Floor Loom

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Do you dream of spending creative and peaceful days at your loom weaving gorgeous handwovens?   

Consider this Weaving Package with quality equipment to get you started!

Schacht Wolf Looms - moderately priced, high quality jack looms, produced in Colorado, that come in three weaving widths.  Click these

Wolf Pup Loom

links for more information and pricing: 

Pup - 18"

Baby - 26"

Mighty - 36"

The Pup loom with 18" weaving width is portable enough to easily load into most any SUV and takes up only a small space in your home.   You are limited to a maximum of an 18" weaving width that can accommodate most scarves, towels and runners.    Stepping up to the 26" Baby Wolf loom allows you weave wider fabrics, and with the option of weaving double cloth (cloth woven in two layers with a fold) a blanket or throw is possible with this width.   If you have the space and budget, the 36" Mighty Wolf option gives the freedom of wider cloths for blankets, rugs and clothing.

In addition to width, the number of shafts is a consideration.   Having 8-shafts allows you to choose more complex weaving structures, but it is possible to weave very interesting structures with 4 shafts as well.   Some people like to focus on texture and color instead of structure and may be well satisfied with 4 shafts.  

Of course there are other options for a quality new loom!  We carry the entire line of looms from Louet, Schacht, Ashford, Leclerc and Harrisville Designs. We also offer TempoTreadle as an option for your new loom. 

Speaking of drafting, you will want to first learn to "read" a draft, and it's also wonderful to be able to enter your own drafts, whether copied or original, into weave design software to play with color and project planning.  Our TempoWeave software will allow you to do just that!  It does require a windows operating system at this time and doesn't run on an ipad or android table.   Contact us for more information and see this link:

We have some books that we recommend and we are also offering online classes in drafting and workshops to help you learn to warp and weave on your new loom.

In addition to deciding on your loom, you need a way to wind the warp chain.   We recommend either a warping board that you mount on a wall or a warping reel.  Here are links to a couple of options:

Schacht Warping Board   or

Harrisville Designs Warping Reel

You need a boat shuttle, bobbins and a bobbin winder.   When working with a two-color weave that alternates shuttles, you will want an additional boat shuttle.

Schacht 11-inch slim, open bottom boat shuttle

Extra 4-inch Bobbins

Schacht Single Ended Bobbin Winder   or

Swedish Bobbin Winder

Come in, call or email us if you'd like to discuss!

(864) 810 4747




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