Doubleweave Twill Scarf - 16-shaft Weaving Pattern

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This twill doubleweave cloth of 16/2 Bamboo is beautiful to touch.  It's light and extremely soft.   

This listing contains a zip file with a PDF with the weaving instructions and a WIF (weaving information file) that can be loaded into weaving software or TempoTreadle. 

Structure: Twill

Sett: 56 epi (28 per layer)

Shafts:  16

Width in Reed: 9.14 in

Reed:  12 Dent, sleyed 4-4-6 pattern  

Warp Length: 3 yards 

Woven Length:  74” woven length plus hems

Yarns:  16/2 Bamboo  (one tube each color)   One cone of each color is plenty for a 3 or 4 yard warp.   It's easily made wider for a shawl.

Colors pictured: Magenta and Limette pale