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Tablet or card weaving is a way to weave patterned bands through the turning of cards. The order and angle in which colored threads are threaded through the cards and the direction in which the cards are twisted creates beautiful patterns. The sturdiness of the bands makes them ideal for belts and  leashes, but they are decorative enough to be used as hair ribbons or trim on finished pieces.

Weaving tablets are traditionally used with a backstrap set up, where you anchor one end of the warp to a stationary object and the other end to a belt around your waist, but they are also great to use on an inkle loom. For wider bands, a rigid heddle, table, or floor loom might be more suitable to tension your warp while you weave.

These cards are 3.5" squares with 4 holes, which gives a large shed as you're weaving. Their size also makes them perfect for people with larger hands. They are color coded in greyscale, which makes them ideal for people who are colorblind. The colors are also positioned in such a way that the light shades are opposite each other and the darker shades are in between them, which makes it easier when you're weaving more complex structures that require two turns like double faced bands.

The cards come in packages of 25.