Undulating Twill Silk Scarf

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This silk scarf is an easy 8-shaft weaving project. The undulating twill is a simple pattern with a 24-thread repeat in the threading and treadling.  If you are comfortable with an 8/2 or finer cotton warp, then you’ll find 20/2 silk equally as nice to work with.  This mulberry silk has an elegant sheen and the drape is lovely.

This listing is a download of the PDF pattern and the WIF file.

Structure: Undulating Twill

Sett: 30 epi

Shafts:  8

Width in Reed: 8.8 inches

Reed:  10 dent (3 ends per dent) or 15 dent (2 ends per dent)

No. Warp Ends:  264

Warp Length: 3 yards 

Finished Size:  approx. 8X70 plus fringe

Yarns:  LoftyFiber 20/2 Mulberry Silk (link)


Shown with LoftyFiber Mulberry Silk with a gold warp and greenish-grey in the weft.