The Techniques of Ply-Split Braiding by Peter Collingwood

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"Ply-split braiding is a thread technique which is still too little known in Europe. This book is the first in-depth investigation of a technique which due to its extremely localized distribution, has only recently come on to the textile map.ย 

"Peter Collingwood, as in his other definitive works on rugs, sprang and tablet weaving, has delved deeply into the technique of ply-split braiding. On five visits to India he has traveled to isolated off-the-map villages and homesteads in Rajasthan and Gujurat to gather knowledge from the few remaining practitioners of this craft and also acquire a unique and impressive collection of artifacts.ย 

"The latter have been the foundation for the present book which contains detailed practical instructions for the reader and records these arrestingly beautiful objects. The plates--both of Indian work and the author's own innovative samples--illustrate the range of designs and structures this simple method, which needs practically no equipment, can produce. Ply-split braiding will become an exciting new addition to the textile worker's craft."ย 

Published: 1998

Images in this book are in black and white