Textured Cotton-Linen-Rayon Scarf Pattern

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The fun thing about this scarf is you can wear it crinkled right out of the dryer, or press flat for a different look. The blue scarf is pressed; the black scarf was left crinkled.  The linen-rayon weft pulls in after drying, creating ripples.  


EQUIPMENT  Loom with at last 6-shafts and at minimum of 14" weaving width, 10 or 15-dent reed, 1 shuttle, 2 bobbins

YARNS Included: Warp: 1 8-oz cone Maurice Brassard 8/2 Cotton, 3360 yd/lb; 600 yds Weft:  1 4-oz cone 12/1 Euroflax Multicolor Linen-Rayon,  3571 yd/lb;

SETT: Warp: 15 epi; Weft: 15 ppi

Finished Size:  10” x 65” plus fringe

Warp Length:  3 yards

Yarn Kit Available