Louet Texsolv Heddles - Erica Jane David Octado Spring Megado Delta Magic

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The following Texsolv heddles come in packs of 100 (except for Megado heddles that are in packs of 50)

  • 6" (150mm) red tie - fits Louet Erica Looms
  • 8" (205mm) black tie - fits Louet Klik, Kombo, Jane and Magic 
  • 11" (280mm) white tie - fits Louet David 
  • 13" (330mm) yellow tie - Louet Delta and Octado
  • 15.5" (392mm) blue tie - fits Louet Spring and Megado

NOTE:   The 15.5" heddles (brown tie) for the Louet Spring are not exactly the correct length for the Megado.  The blue tie heddles are recommended for the Megado.