TempoTreadle II for Leclerc Compact

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Choices are either a complete TempoTreadle system or the Array Kit.  This listing is for the 10-treadle (8-shaft) Leclerc Compact loom. We do not currently have an array for the 4-shaft Compact.

The Array Kit comes the Sensor Array, Magnets, Brackets, System Unit Caddy and Clips.   The System Unit comes with a micro-sd card and USB adapter.  

Power option choices are two types of Battery (slim or extended) or AC adapter and 6-foot cable. The power choice determines the style of the Caddy provided for the System Unit.

If you have a TempoTreadle I system unit, the Array Kit will work with your system unit.

**When ordering a TempoTreadle please include email and phone number **