Soft as a Cloud Cotton Blanket Pattern and Kit - Woven Flat or Folded Double

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This cotton blanket is unbelievably soft.  Woven from a softly spun boucle, the blanket works up quickly in plain weave at 10 ends per inch. A simple stripe of color adds interest to the mostly white blanket.

Finished Size: 29" wide by 75" long plus fringes


Loom: Minimum 34-inches weaving width, 2 or more shafts, or a loom with 4-shafts and 17-inches minimum weaving width for weaving double with a fold.  Printed Instructions are included for weaving with and without folding double. This yarn is also suitable for a Rigid Heddle loom.

Reed:  10-dent

The kit comes with 16-ounces of White Cotton Boucle (2000 yards per pound) on cones and the 2 ounces of the stripe color.   The hand-dyed stripe color, if ordered, is wound in a ball instead of a cone.

Pictured is a blanket with the gray hand-dyed cotton stripe.  This yarn is gray, with subtle undertones of pink and green.