Shimmer Scarf Tencel Yarn Kit & Printed Pattern

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This simple scarf shimmers with the variegated tencel warp and a solid Tencel weft. It's a simple 3/1 Twill threaded 1-2-3-4 with a 6-treadle sequence,

Quick Facts

Loom Type: Multishaft – 4 Shafts or more, Minimum Weaving Width: 12, Minimum Number of Shuttles & Bobbins: 1 Shuttle, 1 bobbin, Number of Heddles per Shaft: 65, Total number of Heddles: 260, Recommended Reed Dent: 12

Width in Reed: 10.83”, Sett: epi: 24 ppi: 24, Warp Length: 3 yards, Finished Size: 9 ¼”x 69” plus fringe


Warp:780 yards 8/2 Multi-colored Tencel (woven picture shown in Heliotrope) – one 110gram cone

Weft: 690 yards 8/2 Solid Colored Tencel (shown in Hummingbird) – one 110gram cone