Schacht Whorls for Matchless, LadyBug and SideKick

Schacht Whorls for Matchless, LadyBug and SideKick

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Schacht spinning wheels we offer a wide spectrum of whorls to aid the handspinner in achieving the best spinning speed for the task at hand. A high speed bobbin is required for high speed and super high speed whorls when spinning in double drive. (High speed bobbins are not required for Scotch tension mode.)

What Whorl Do I Choose?
It depends…on your treadling rate, the fiber you’re spinning, and the type of yarn you want. There are no hard and fast rules about whorls. What is important is that you choose a whorl that helps your wheel do as much of the work for you as possible. In general: the bigger the whorl, the coarser the fiber, the thicker the yarn; the smaller the whorl, the finer the fiber, the smaller the yarn.

Pictured is a high speed, slow and extra slow whorls.  Schacht wheels come wiht medium and fast speed whorls.  If you don’t know what size whorls you have, download this ruler to help measure your whorls.

The extra slow whorl is not recommended for the Sidekick wheel.

For the high speed whorl, a high speed bobbin is required when spinning with double drive;  the Sidekick, since it only has Scotch Tension, doesn't need a high speed bobbin when using the high speed whorl. .