Helping Hands for Schacht Standard Loom

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This handy tool holds your lease sticks at a convenient position for sleying the reed and beaming.  Once the warp is wound on, the helping hands is moved to a position holding the lease sticks near the heddle eyes for threading.  Videos will be published soon for this loom. 

The helping hands are designed to work with the LoftyFiber raddle placed at the top of the loom so that you can comfortably stand while spreading the warp.  The helping hands for the Schacht Standard loom does require the original size of the Schacht lease sticks that came with the loom.

LoftyFiber Raddle kits are available for the Schacht Standard looms:  link: 36",  link: 45"

The current Standard Floor looms have a high castle. If you have an older standard loom without, select the version that fits onto the shaft.  Contact us if you are interested in the LoftyFiber raddle that snaps onto the shaft to use with no high castle.