Schacht 11-inch Boat Shuttles

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Schacht 11-inch Boat Shuttles have two options. 

One option is closed or open end. A closed end has a smooth wooden bottom; open end shuttles are open at the top and bottom.  Some weavers prefer the closed end, thinking it helps the shuttle to glide through the shed.  Others prefer the open end as they can place a finger under the shuttle and help control the spin of the bobbin.   Some of us have no preference!

The other option is slim or regular height. The slim height is good for smaller sheds as it's slightly less deep.  The regular height allows you to wind the bobbin a little fuller and has a more weight.   You may find it's good to have both sizes even if your loom has a nice wide shed as sometimes you may prefer the slim shuttle on a narrow warp. 

The Schacht Boat Shuttles do not come with a bobbin.  You can use both the Schacht and Leclerc 4-inch bobbins in these shuttles.

We also have the 11" boat shuttles with open bottoms in Cherry.  All other boat shuttles are hard maple.

Boat shuttles require a bobbin winder (manual or electric)  for winding bobbins.