Satin Block Towel Kit - 14/2 Linen Version

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This Satin Block towel is very similar to the one woven with the 30/2 linen at 32 ppi: link but is a little heavier and the design is scaled down a little to accommodate the larger yarn.   Pattern Included.

Kits come with:

Warp color 1 - 8 oz (1225 yds); Warp color 2 - 3 oz (460 yds); Weft Color- 8 oz (1225 yds)



Satin (Straight draw 2-block threading with satin tie-up)


8-shaft loom with at least 22" weaving width, 10-dent reed, 1 shuttle and bobbin


Warp: 14/2 Euroflax Linen, 2450 yd/lb;  Teal 1000 yds, Lavender  320 yds

Weft:  14/2 Euroflax Linen 475 yds per towel, 950 total; shown with Navy

SETT and Width in Reed: Warp: 20 epi; Weft: 18 ppi; Width in reed 22”

Finished Size:  Two towels, each 19.6” wide and 31.5” long (before hemming).

Warp Length:  3 yards