Prym Ergonomic 14" Single-pointed Knitting Needles

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Prym Ergonomic Single Point Knitting Needles will revolutionize your knitting. The patented teardrop shaped tip and triangle body made from high-performance plastic make these needles ideal for both beginners and advanced knitters.

  • Patented teardrop shaped tips easily pick up stitches, help keep stitch on needle, and prevent yarn splitting
  • Round shaft for setting stitch gauge morphs into triangle shape that allows stitches to slide freely along the needle
  • Edges of triangle body are ergonomic, easy to grasp and shaft flexes slightly to follow curve of hand for ergonomic design
  • Ends click to round shaft holding needles together for storage and as a stitch stopper for in-progress work
  • High-performance synthetic material is lightweight, flexible, and warm to hold for quiet, easy knitting
  • Light color and highly polished finish makes it ideal for all yarn types and colors