Orlec - Acrylic Weaving Yarn

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This acrylic weaving yarn is used in "Crimp Cloth", as taught and developed by Dianne Totten in a special process of a woven shibori with a heat-set fabric. 

This acrylic yarn is available in many colors.  Please see the attached photographs. 

We have 9 colors of 16/2 in stock.  Otherwise, it's a special order and please allow 2 weeks for delivery. Colors currently in stock are 

The yarn is available in 8-ounce cones in the following sizes (same as cotton sizing):

8/2 (3360 yards per pound, 1680 yards per tube)

16/2 (6720 yards per pound, 3360 yards per tube)

When ordering, please send an email to info@loftyfiber.com specifying colors. Note that 16/2 is only available in colors marked with a "star".