Louet Raddle Caps

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Love your Louet Raddle but hate it when your warp threads pop out?

These raddle caps attach on top of the Louet raddles to hold your warp ends in place. They also make a handy place to place your warp chain while spreading your warp in the raddle!

These are 3-d printed in a clear filament in 6-inch and 4-inch sections.   The raddle caps slide on and across the raddle;  they can also be easily popped on and off the raddle.

These work on all Louet raddles (Jane, David, Spring, Octado, Delta and Megado)   Just order as many sections as you want for your weaving width.

The following lists sizes needed to span the entire weaving width based on your loom:

30cm:  two 6-inch caps

40cm: two 6-inch caps and one 4-inch caps

50cm: three 6-inch caps and one 2.5" cap

70cm: four 6-inch caps and one 4-inch caps

90 cm: six 6-inch caps

110cm: seven 6-inch caps, one 2.5 cap

130cm: eight 6-inch cap, one 4-inch cap

 We also provide the bundles as kits for the various weaving width looms in the drop down.