Louet Megado Loom

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**We currently have a 32-shaft 110cm loom in the LoftyFiber studio and store, ready for you to try!  Free shipping to US and Canada.  Comes with 2 free additional reeds of your choice **

 The Megado is available in 70cm (27 5/8”), 110cm (43 1/3”) and 130cm (51 1/4”) weaving widths. 

It can be purchased with either 16 shafts or 32 shafts. The selected shafts and the back beam move in conjunction to create a countermarch shed. The lifting mechanism is incredibly light to operate, even when lifting most of the shafts.  It's wonderful not having a tie-up and no computer needed to drive the loom.  

The Megado is made of Ash hardwood and is finished with a double coat of semi gloss lacquer. Included with the loom are: a large shelf, built-in raddle, a 10 dent stainless steel reed, 900 (70cm)/1400 (110cm)/1600 (130cm) Texsolve heddles, lease and tie-up sticks and 16 warp sticks. Also, the most complex castle section comes pre-assembled with the remaining pieces in separate boxes. 

The Megado loom pricing is without the electronic or mechanical dobby.  Louet still makes the mechanical (peg) dobby, but most weavers prefer the electronic (computer) dobby.  Louet recently released the V2 electronic dobby with significant improvements (see related products below).  The pricing for the loom does not include either the electronic or mechanical dobby;  one of the options is required to operate your Megado loom.  We offer software to drive the Megado as well, including older those with the older Dobby.

Free Shipping and additional incentives are offered.  Call us to discuss.  It's a significant purchase and we're happy to work with you.