LoftyFiber Raddle and Accessories

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Inspired by the built-in raddles on Louet looms, LoftyFiber has designed portable 3-d printed raddles that can be used on most any loom.  Printed in sections that snap together, a raddle can be assembled quickly into a length appropriate for most any loom.  Sections are available in 6" and 2.5" lengths. The raddle can be taken apart for easy storage or transportation. 

The raddles have 4 dents per inch, making it easy to calculate the warp spread.  

These raddles are designed to be attached to the castle of the loom.   There are two methods to attach.   

  • A set of end pieces attach to each end of the raddle and provide a place to attach a small clamp.
  • We now offer raddle clips as another option to attach the raddle to the castle.   Use one or two raddle clips per section to clip to the raddle and attach to the castle. on top of the castle and to the raddle.  These clips are sized to the castle.  We currently offer these for Schacht Wolf and Larger Macomber looms. 
  • We now also have raddle clips for Ashford table looms. The clips are shorter for the area behind the levers and taller for the area that dips down lower. See this separate listing for Ashford Table Loom raddles. 
  • We also now make a version with an adapter to fit the LoftyFiber raddle over top of the Louet built-in raddle. This is great for larger threads or dense warps on Louet looms. See this listing for Louet Looms.
  •  If you have another loom with a castle, contact us for a custom sized clip.  Plan on having 1 or 2 raddle clips per 6-inch section.   The raddle clips make the raddle very sturdy and less likely to bow with heavy tensioning.