Linen and Merino Ruffles - Differential Shrinkage Scarf

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This beautiful scarf is a very quick, fun plain weave!   It uses our 30/2 Euroflax linen sett at a very open 15 ends per inch and the lovely soft Jaggerspun Superfine Merino, also at 15 ends per inch.  The weft is all linen, lightly beat.   The magic happens in the finishing when the merino shrinks and allows the linen to ruffle.

Printed instructions, 4 ounces 30/2 Euroflax linen and 50 grams Jaggerspun Superfine merino are included for one scarf.  Pictured in Charcoal and Pewter.

Requirements:  Floor or Table loom with at least 15" weaving width, 15-dent (preferred) or 10-dent reed, one boat shuttle and bobbin.