Last Minute Christmas Linen Runner - 4-Shaft Pattern and Yarn Kit

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Out of time for the holidays? This huck lace runner is a quick and easy project! Don’t be concerned that it’s linen, this linen is very easy to work with. No dampening required. The 3-yard warp will accommodate various lengths of a couple of runners or towels.

4-shaft loom with minimum weaving width of 13 inches
8-dent reed (sleyed 2 per dent).
Boat Shuttle and Bobbin

Warp and Weft: Euroflax 14/2 Linen - Color Red), 8-oz cone

Dimensions and Sett
Width in reed: 13”
Warp Length: 3 yards
Warp Ends 208
Woven Length: 34.5” for the runner as shown and additional shorter runner or towel.
Shrinkage: Lace sections shrink about 7% width and length, hem areas less.
Finished size: 36.5” x 11.5” for the runner shown.
Contact us if you'd like a different color. Over 30 colors are available in Euroflax.

Kit contains one 8-ounce cone of 14/2 Euroflax linen and the printed pattern. If you'd like to have the WIF file, let us know and we'll email you the WIF.  If you'd like to do the runner in a different color, let us know and we'll send a substitute color.