Large Dornick Towels - 4-shaft - Lofty Cotton 8/2

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Requires a 4-shaft loom (or more) with minimum weaving width 21.5" and a 12-dent reed.  Kit includes a printed pattern and download of the pattern PDF and WIF files.

Total number of Heddles: 129 heddles per shaft
Sett: epi: 24  ppi: 22-24
Warp Length:   4 yards
Finished Size:  19x30   No Towels: 3
Warp:  Lofty Cotton 8/2 by LoftyFiber, Color A 1152-yds, Color B 912-yds
Weft:  Lofty Cotton 8/2 by LoftyFiber Color C 1605-yds
As Pictured:
Color A–Marine Blue, Color B–Limestone; Color C is pictured with both White and Black.