Kissy Face Towels

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This fun deflected doubleweave pattern by Elisabeth Hill is a fun and modern pattern!   This is for towels, but you may want to use this for scarves and baby blankets as well!  This is a revised version using 8/2 Cotton or 8/2 Cottolin. There are 5 variations included in this pattern, but many more are possible. Put on a long warp — you will have lots of fun, and get lots of “kissy face” from friends and family who receive these towels as gifts.  Optional inkle hanging band instructions are included. 


EQUIPMENT 8-shaft loom, 21" weaving width; 12-dent reed; 3 shuttles; 3 bobbins.

Colors and yardage requirements as shown for a 5-yard warp (4 towels plus additional sample.  For each additional towel, add 1 yard)

Warp Yarns: 8/2 Cotton (100% cotton; 3,360 yds/lb; Brassard)

Main Color: #5069 Chamois, 1,080 yds Contrast 1: #5213 Cayenne, 1,260 yds Contrast 2: #5193 Framboise, 180 yds

Weft Yarns: 8/2 Cotton Main Color: 1,142 yds Contrast 1: 1,264 yds Contrast 2: 56 yds