Jaggerspun Heather 2/8 Cones (Fingering Weight)

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Jaggerspun produces this beautiful top-dyed worsted spun, medium grade wool with a heather effect.  Finished items soften and loft after washing.

We do not stock large quantities of Heather Cones.  Please allow from 2 to 10 days for delivery if we do not have your yarn in stock.  Heather comes in Fingering, Sport, Lace and Worsted weights.  This listing is for Fingering weight in Jaggerspun Heather. 

2/8 - Fingering Weight - approximately 2,240 yds./lb. 

1-lb Cones

A woven blanket would be beautiful in this yarn.   Normally a sett of 12-14 epi is used for plain weave, and 16 epi for a 2/2 twill.

Heather fingering weight is great for knitted and woven garments that are warm, yet light.   The beautiful yarns lend well to colorwork. 

Consider knitted projects of shawls, mittens and hats. Knitting needle sizes from US 1 to US 3 are often used; larger needles may be used for lace.

Washing Instructions: Hand wash garments and fabrics, lay flat to dry.  Also may be dry cleaned.