It's Not Overshot Pattern Download - by Sarah Jackson Handwoven Design

It's Not Overshot Pattern Download - by Sarah Jackson Handwoven Design

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You've probably seen Sarah Jackson's designs in many Handwoven magazines!  She's famous for her innovative use of color and design.  LoftyFiber is pleased to offer her PDF pattern and associated WIF files as a digital download.  We also offer yarn kits to complete the projects.  You'll find her patterns  are not ordinary; They contain extensive instructions with everything you need to complete the project successfully. 

These gorgeous towels were inspired by "Jitterbug", a Bertha Gray Hayes overshot design.  Sarah created a Turned Taqueté draft by interleaving an overshot threading with a second threading on opposites (method inspired by an article by Bonnie Inouye). Converting the draft from overshot to Turned Taqueté not only solved the problem with weft floats that can catch or snag, but the parallel threading resulted in a two-color warp which expanded the possibilities of combining a wide variety of weft colors. 

Six of Sarah's color combinations are presented in the pattern and included in the kit.  Separate printed threadings and WIFs are provided for each of the six color combinations. 

WHAT’s included in this pattern
•30+ Pages Including:
•Materials List and Project Specifications for six towels
•Detailed, Accurate Instructions for Warping and Weaving
•Numbered Threading Guide
•Numbered and Colored Treadling Guides
•Heddle Counts
•Color chart of yarns
•Lift Plan for Direct Tie-up and Table Looms
•WIFs are available in a separate folder for those with weaving software.

Yarn requirements are listed in the Project Information on page 4

To stay up to date with Sarah's very latest designs and weave-alongs please join her facebook page: