In Celebration of Plain Weave for Inkle Weavers

In Celebration of Plain Weave for Inkle Weavers

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By Annie MacHale.ย  A beautiful and wonderful spiral-bound book forย inkle weavers and band weavers. Learn what you need to know about color and design for weaving narrow warp-faced bands from one of the contemporary masters! This book is a feast for the eyes, containing many full-page color photos showing hundreds of bands woven by the author. Guaranteed to inspire!

* Color terminology and color theory basics
* Pattern design basics and advanced tips
* 115 pages
* 105 color illustrations
*200 interactive pattern charts -Open them using the online program "Inkle Loom Pattern Editor"
* Inspirational full-page photos

The book is divided into three sections:
SECTION ONE is a discussion of color theory and band design including Annie's best tips from years of experiments. Get ideas and resources for choosing color combinations.
SECTION TWO illustrates how to create plain weave patterns by breaking it down to the various elements which make up a design. Learn how to to use chains, teeth, stripes, etc. and how to balance them to get pleasing results.
SECTION THREE is a catalog of 200 individual interactive patterns plus tips for turning these into thousands upon thousands more.