Impressionists Scarf Kit

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Linen Scarf/Shawl with inspired colorways from Impressionists Paintings

Requirements: 4 or 8 shafts, 21" weaving width, 9 bobbins, 488 heddles, 12 or 8-dent reed for 24 epi, 24 ppi.

This wide scarf is deceptively easy to weave. The Atwater Bronson lace structure with its blocks of weft floats followed by blocks of warp floats makes it easy to play with visual blending. The scarf has plain weave at either selvedge, so there’s no need for a floating selvedge.

A digital download is provided for the pattern PDF and WIF files (both 4 and 8 shafts).

The yarn kit has 9 colors of 2 and 1-oz cones as follows


Artist Sissley van Gogh  Seurat van Gogh Pissaro Manet
Painting The Lock at Saint Mammes The Starry Night A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte Irises The Great Bridge in Rouen, Rainy Weather Woman Reading
Color 1 - 2 oz Limestone Navy Limestone Limestone Champagne Champagne
Color 2 - 2 oz Marine Blue Marine Teal Lavender Olive Black
Color 3 - 2 oz Lake Placid Cobalt Natural Mint Periwinkle Cloud Grey
Color 4 - 2 oz Cobalt Straw Island Moss Teal Straw Charcoal
Color 5 - 2 oz Lavender Island Moss Lake Placid Aqua Cream Natural
Color 6 - 1 oz Eggplant French Blue Navy Olive Limestone Olive
Color 7 - 1 oz Brick Red Buttercup Brick Red Straw Tangerine Straw
Color 8 - 1 oz Crabapple Lake Placid Cobalt French Blue Brick Red French Blue
 Color 9 - 1 oz Ginger Natural Ginger Natural Natural Brick Red