Huck Linen Cowl (PDF and WIF)

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The cowl is easy and comfortable to wear in all seasons.  The looser set of the 14/2 Euroflax linen makes for quick loom setup and weaving. Machine wash and dry, press with steam iron.   Cowl softens with use and laundering.

Structure: Huck

Sett: 14 EPI, 12.5 PPI

Shafts:  4

Width Requirements: 12 inches 

Reed:  8, 10 or 12-dent reed  

Warp Length: 3 yards 

Finished Size:  54 to 58” in circumference, 10.75" wide

Yarns:  Euroflax 14/2 Linen  (about 800 yds, 5 ounces in total. Solid color cowl, one 8-ounce cone; Striped version one 4-ounce cone of each color)