Helping Hands and Raddle for the Ashford Brooklyn Table Loom

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The LoftyFiber Helping Hands and Raddle for the Ashford Brooklyn loom make beaming and threading simple.   The Helping Hands is custom engineered for the Brooklyn to hold the cross sticks at convenient positions for spreading the warp in the raddle, beaming, and easily move to the threading position once beamed. 

The Helping Hands require use of two Ashford cross (lease) sticks that are included with the Brooklyn loom.  

If you have an Ashford Table loom or Ashford Katie raddle, note that the raddle clips are a slightly different size for the Brooklyn.  You can share three 6-inch sections and caps from another loom on the Brooklyn with the addition of the Brooklyn clips (available below).  If you are planning to use LoftyFiber raddle sections from another loom, be sure they are the newer model that has the groove for the clips. 

The Raddle Kit contains:  3 6-inch raddle sections and caps, 1 1-inch cap, 4 short Brooklyn clips, 2 tall Brooklyn clips, 2 purple sleeves for joins

A video is available on for warping the Brooklyn using these products.