Heavy Meta Towels

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Crank it up with these mega meta towels in 2 (or 3) weights of Euroflax linen. The scale of Lisa Hill's Meta design is expanded and she has added a twill tie-down for even more fun Bergman style!  You will need an 8-shaft loom at least 22" wide, a 15-dent reed, 2 shuttles and 2 bobbins. The pattern includes 2 treadling variations and all the information you will need for a successful project. 

Treadle to the metal!

Requirements:  8-shaft loom, 22"weaving width;1 5-dentreed; 2shuttles;2 bobbins.

Sett: 30 epi, 60 epi (30 tabby, 30 pattern)

Warp Yarn: Euroflax 30/2 Linen (4,500 yds/lb; Lofty Fiber) Olive, 3,072 yds.

Weft Yarns for Tabby:   30/2 Linen: Island Moss, 594 yds for each towel (2 shown with Island Moss);  16/1 Linen: Yellow Apatite, 594 yds for each towel (2 shown with Yellow Apatite)

Warp Length:  612 ends 5 yards long (allows for 4 towels) - increase length of warp by 1 yard for each additional towel.

Width in Reed: 20" plus 6 dents in a 15-dent reed.

Finished Dimensions: 4 towels 181/2" x 29" after washing and hemming.

Yarn Kit: https://loftyfiber.com/products/heavy-meta-towel-yarn-kit