Flax Chex Runner Weaving Kit

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Loom Type: Multi-shaft loom with at least 4 shafts 
Minimum Weaving Width: 11.50”
Minimum Number of Shuttles & Bobbins: 1 shuttle, 1 bobbin
Number of Heddles per Shaft: S1-62, S2-30, S3-30, S4-62 
Recommended Reed: 8-dent 
Width in Reed: 11.5”
Sett: epi: 16 ppi: 16 ppi
Warp Length: 3 yards
Yield:  3 towels
Finished Size:  10 1/4” x 65” (or shorter if desired)

This canvas weave design reminds us of Chex cereal, thus the Flax Chex name done in 14/2 Linen!  

Yarn kit has Euroflax 14/2 linen on cones:  Warp Color 5oz, Weft Color 4 oz.