Euroflax Striped Towel - Suitable for Rigid Heddle Looms

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Rigid Heddle with a 12-dent reed. Weaving width of at least 17” for the wider towel, and weaving width of at least 15” for the towel for narrow version.

For a floor or table loom, use a 12-dent reed with one warp end per dent.

Wider Towel: Width in Reed:  17”  (204 warp ends)  

Towel for Narrow Looms: Width in Reed:  14.7”  (176 warp ends)   

Sett:   epi: 12,  ppi:  11 to 12

Towel Finished Size: 

Wider Towel: 15” Width by 22.5” Long

Narrow version:  12 3/4” Wide by 19” Long        


Euroflax Sportweight (14/4) linen for the warp, Euroflax Laceweight (14/2) linen for the weft.

Yardage requirements  (wide / narrow)

Charcoal Sport Weight 136 yds / 120 yds

Wasabi Sport Weight 73 yds / 61 yds

Cream Sport Weight 40 yds / 36 yds

Charcoal Lace Weight 146 yds / 126 yds

Contact us if you are interested in a yarn kit.  We will be adding this soon.