Diamond Dazzle Table Runner Pattern by Alice Schlein

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This beautiful 8-shaft pattern, woven in Euroflax 30/2 linen by Alice Schlein makes a lovely table runner.  Instructions are included for easy modification of the length.   The cloth is supply and lovely and could also be used for towels or placemats.  The pattern includes complete written instructions plus the drafts for the complete runner.  In addition WIF files are included for the complete runner as well as the sections for easy modification of the length.  The WIF files are included for both tie-up and lift plan and color combination.

Finished Size: 11 5/8" wide and 28" long plus 1/2" hems.  

Structure: Doubleweave based on parallel interleaved threading

Sett:  32 epi (sleyed 4/dent in an 8-dent reed); 26 ppi pattern

Requirements:  8-shaft loom (10-treadle, table or dobby) with at least 13" weaving width, 8-dent reed and 2 shuttles. 

Yarn Requirements: Warp: 30/2 linen, 4500 yd/lb (Euroflax, LoftyFiber), #59 Cobalt, and #66 Buttercup, 650 yds of each.  Weft: Same as warp, #11 Red and #64 Island Moss, 450 yds of each.

Yarn kits are available.  See link: https://loftyfiber.com/products/diamond-dazzle-table-runner-yarn-kit