Helping Hands for Louet Octado

Helping Hands for Louet Octado

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This handy tool holds your lease sticks at a convenient position for sleying the reed and beaming.  Once the warp is wound on, the helping hands is moved to a position holding the lease sticks near the heddle eyes for threading.  Here is a video showing warping the Spring 2 which is similar to the Octado.   The texsolv cord is not needed as the bases for threading fit onto the sides. Link for Warping Video

 The helping hands require the original size of the lease sticks that came with the loom.  We have the Louet lease sticks in stock if you need them.

You can use the Louet built-in raddle with this product or the LoftyFiber Raddle that snaps on the top of the built-in raddle.  See this link: : LoftyFiberRaddleKits

Pictures will be added soon.