Colors of the Wind - Pattern and Yarn Kit

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This turned twill scarf serves as a beautiful color gamp with 16 colors. 

Minimum Weaving Width: 13.33”
Minimum Number of Shafts: 8 shafts
Minimum Number of Shuttles & Bobbins: 1 shuttle, 16 bobbins
Number of Heddles per Shaft: 34 heddles shaft 1-4, 46 shafts 5-8
Total number of Heddles: 320
Recommended Reed Dent: 12, sleyed 2 per dent
Width in Reed: 13.33
Sett: epi: 24 ppi: 24
Warp Length: 3 yards
Finished Size:    12,5 x 64”
Warp and Weft:  30/2 Euroflax Linen: 1-ounce in colors:
Navy, Teal, Marine Blue, Island Moss, Brick Red, Burgundy, Eggplant, Caribou; ½-ounce cones in colors: Cobalt, Angelfish Blue, Mint, Wasabi, Buttercup, Red, Orchid, Lavender