Color Me Scarf - 16-Shaft Pattern

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Quick Facts
Loom Type: Table or Dobby Loom
Minimum Number of Shafts: 16
Minimum Number of Shuttles & Bobbins: 1 shuttle, 1 bobbin
Number of Heddles per Shaft: 15 heddles per shaft
Recommended Reed Dent: 12-dent reed, sleyed 2 per dent
Width in Reed: 10”
Sett: 24 epi, 24 ppi
Warp Length: 3 yards
Finished Size: 71” x 8.6”

Color-Me with your own colors! As designed, there are 15 colors in the warp, with each color using only 48 yards.  This pattern also lends itself well to using up small amounts of leftover 30/2 linen as it requires only 48 yards per color section in the warp. A 3-oz cone in a single color is enough for the weft.  Woven as a scarf or sewn into a cowl, you may want to weave several colorways!

Warp: 720 yards total Euroflax 30/2 Linen
As shown: 48 yards each of: Limestone, Olive, Island Moss, Lake Placid, French Blue, Marine Blue, Mint, Angelfish, Teal, Soft Coral, Crabapple, Red, Orchid, Lavender, Periwinkle Grey      (15 colors)
Weft     622  yards Euroflax 30/2 Linen in Black
Included Wifs