Christmas Towels - Pattern Download and WIF files

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Weave bright Christmas towels in plaid and/or strips on one warp with this pattern. For extra sparkle, the pattern suggests weaving a thin strand of "bling" yarn with your weft.

The pattern requires an 8-shaft loom and 8-treadles.

This pattern PDF download includes a description of the project, warp color winding plan, threading, tie-up and treadling.   The download also has four WIF files:

  1. ChristmasPlaid-TU  (Christmas plaid, treadled similar to the threading and with tie-up)
  2. ChristmasPlaid-LP  (Christmas plaid lift-plan)
  3. Christmas Stripes-TU  (striped version with straight treadling and tie-up)
  4. Christmas Stripes-LP (striped version with left plan)