Christmas Tartan Runner Weaving Pattern and WIF

Christmas Tartan Runner Weaving Pattern and WIF

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This tartan plaid is woven in holiday colors using a 2/2 twill.   The listing produces a zip file with PDF instructions as well as the WIF (weaving information file) for weaving software and TempoTreadle.


Structure: 2/2 Twill

Sett: 24 EPI

Shafts:  4

Width in Reed: 12.5 INCHES (300 ends)

Reed:  12 Dent, sleyed 2 ends per Dent  

Warp Length: 4 yards 

Woven Length:  81” woven length, plus 1.5” each end for hems.

Finished Size:  After washing, machine drying and hemming, finished size is approx. 10.2” X 70”.

Yarns:  Brassard Organic 8/2 Cottolin or  Brassard 8/2 Cotton  (1680 yards per tube)


Yarn Quantity:

Red 1119 yds, Black 160 yds, Green 640 yds, White 80 yds

Red will use 66% of one tube, Green 39% of one tube, and white and black less than 10% of a tube.