Chevron Towels in Euroflax for Narrow Looms (4 or 8 shafts)

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Looms such as the Louet Jane 40cm or Ashford table looms can be a challenge to find patterns that fit!  This makes great towels or a runner.

This pattern has complete PDF instructions for both 4 and 8-shafts as well as WIF files.   

Requirements:  4 or 8-shaft Loom, 10-dent reed,  boat shuttle

Width in Reed:  15.2”  (304 warp ends)  

Sett:   epi: 20,  ppi:  20

Warp Length:  3 yds (3 towels)

Finished Size:  13 5/8” X 21 3/8”      

Yarn: Euroflax 14/2 in Cream (820 yds), Natural (843 yds), Pewter (835 yds).

Yarns:  Euroflax 14/2 Linen  (warp: 480 yards Cloud Grey, 440 yards Cream; weft: approximately 580 yards)  One 4-ounce cone of Cloud Grey and an 8-ounce cone of Cream is sufficient to make all the towels with the cream weft. This pattern works well with different weft colors (as shown in the pictures with the Wasabi and Burgundy weft yarns.

Listing for Euroflax 14/2: