Autumn Colors Scarf - Jaggerspun Heather Scarf Kit

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This scarf is woven with Jaggerspun's Heather, a top dyed worsted spun 100% wool yarn.  This yarn is produced in Maine. It's a hardy, warm wool that resists pilling for years of wear. This plain weave scarf can be woven on a rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom. Printed weaving instructions and 5 skeins of yarn are included in the kit.

Finished Size: 9.5” X 78”

Yarn:  Jaggerspun Heather 3/8 (sport weight, 166 yds each skein), 5 50-gram skeins 

Structure and Sett: Plain Weave, 10 epi, 10 ppi, Width in reed 10.4”

Requirements:  Rigid heddle or multi-shaft loom with a 10-dent reed and at least 11” weaving width. 5 stick shuttles or bobbins.