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GIST Array Tapestry yarns come in shades of many wonderful colors, perfect for any weaving where you need to shift from darks to lights.  It is available in 1-oz and 4oz cones.  We don't currently list the available colors on our website.  We have some colors in stock, along with the color cards if you want to come into our shop and plan your project. We are able to colors in quickly.  Complete color card sets are available as well.  If ordering online, please email us with your color choices. 

Array is a 2/12 worsted spun wool yarn, made from primarily Corriedale and Columbia sheep raised on ranches in the western United States, and spun and dyed in North Carolina. It is 2-ply, thin (3,360 yards per lb), and hardy. 


  • 4 oz cones have 840 yards. 1 oz tubes have 210 yards.
  • This yarn is meant to be tapestry weft bundled in 3-4 strands, with a warp suitable for tapestries such as cotton seine twine sett at 8epi.
  • Multi-shaft weavers can use Array as a warp or weft, with a recommended sett of 20-24 epi.