Weaving Instructor - Elyse Anderson

We are happy to announce a weaving instructor from the Atlanta area.  She is an accomplished rigid heddle teacher and we're happy to have her hosting classes for LoftyFiber!

From Elyse...

"I’ve been involved with weaving for about 30 years. That’s not to say that I’ve spent all of those years with my looms and weaving! I owned and operated a retail yarn shop for 11 years (2005-2016). Although, I really wanted to stock and sell weaving yarn, I concentrated on knitting yarns. Now, while I had the shop, rigid heddle looms became popular. And that’s where I started with weaving again! I have a couple of floor looms, but rigid heddle looms are great for knitting yarns as well as weaving yarns. So..............

I was able to weave and teach rigid heddle with my shop stock of knitting yarns.

Since closing the shop, I’ve been teaching rigid heddle in-person classes and have decided to expand to online classes this year (2020). The transition to online classes is complete and I’m looking forward to seeing you all in class.

Classes will include live meetings (via Zoom or Microsoft Team), handouts, pictures and maybe some videos.

See you soon! Elyse"