Heavy Meta Towels - Pattern and Euroflax Yarn Kit

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Crank it up with these mega meta towels in 2 (or 3) weights of Euroflax linen. The scale of Lisa Hill's Meta design is expanded and she has added a twill tie-down for even more fun Bergman style!  You will need an 8-shaft loom at least 22" wide, a 10 or 15-dent reed, 2 shuttles and 2 bobbins. The pattern includes 2 treadling variations and all the information you will need for a successful project. 

Treadle to the metal!

Requirements:  8-shaft loom, 22"weaving width; a 10 or 15-dent reed;  2 shuttles;2 bobbins.

Sett: 30 epi, 60 epi (or as tightly beaten as you can)

Warp Yarn: Euroflax 30/2 Linen (4,500 yds/lb; Lofty Fiber) Olive, 3,072 yds.

Weft Yarns for Tabby:   30/2 Linen: Island Moss, 594 yds for each towel (2 shown with Island Moss);  16/1 Linen: Yellow Apatite, 594 yds for each towel (2 shown with Yellow Apatite)

Warp Length:  612 ends 5 yards long (allows for 4 towels) - increase length of warp by 1 yard for each additional towel.

Width in Reed: 20" plus 6 dents in a 15-dent reed.

Finished Dimensions: 4 towels 181/2" x 29" after washing and hemming.

From the drop down, select either PDF Pattern Only, Yarn Kit, or Pattern and Yarn Kit.  When ordering the Pattern and Yarn Kit, you'll receive the printed version of the Pattern as well as a PDF download. 

In addition to the PDF pattern, we also include the WIF for the 1st Treadling Variation and Notes on how to tie-up for a Countermarch loom so that you can treadle the tie-up and pattern treadles at the same time.

The Yarn Kit contains colors as pictured (below).   Of course you can design your own colorway! Contact us if you'd like assistance in producing a customizing your own yarn kit colors at info@loftyfiber.com.


Warp: Euroflax 30/2 Linen Olive.  2 6-oz cones

Weft: Euroflax 30/2 Linen Island Moss, 1 3-oz cone;  Euroflax 16/1 Multicolor Linen Yellow Apatite, 1 3-oz cone;  Euroflax 14/2 Linen, 1 4-oz cone of each:  Buttercup, Wasabi, Teal and Brick.