Stars At Your Fingertips - Weaving Pattern

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This 4-shaft pattern is a fun weave and is easy to memorize the threading and treadling. The Bronson Lace structure in this pattern does not result in open lace; it gives a nice texture of small warp floats on one side and weft floats on the other that reminds us of stars.  The variegated colors in the warp are separated by solid color stripes.  The towels can be used as fingertip towels in the bathroom or kitchen.  The 15” weaving width makes for a fast project that also fits on narrow looms.  Try your own combination of other variegated and solid colors!

Requirements - 4-shaft loom with at least 15" weaving width, a 12-dent reed and a boat shuttle with at least 2 bobbins.

Pattern download includes PDF instructions and WIF file.

To make this towel as shown, links are below for the 3 cones of yarn.  You have plenty of leftover Mauve.  Also, it's easy to substitute a different variegated colorway and two solids.

Variegated 8/2 Cotton in Mixed Berry 

8/2 Cotton in Bleu Moyen

8/2 Cotton in Mauve